You Should Be Following These Dogs on Instagram

As a person who spends most of her off time on Instagram, I find myself following so many dog accounts. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at adorable dogs!

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Christmas Shopping for Your Pets

Who doesn’t love Christmas shopping?! Personally, it’s my favourite time of year. Especially when I get to shop for my fur babies.

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Allergies in Dogs

Once the air starts to warm (or cool), flowers begin to bloom (or die), and dust starts to fly-we start to itch! Just like you and me, our furry friends can develop allergies too.

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My Favourite Animal-Inspired Books

Here is a list of my favourite books that are about animals!

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Have You Heard of Limber Tail?

A limber tail is one of many slang terms for a medical condition known as Acute Caudal Myopathy. Other common terms that are often used include cold tail, swimmer’s tail, dead tail, sprung tail, broken tail and many more.

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