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The Guinea Pig “To Do List”

The daily schedule for a guinea pig can range; here are the things required to keep your guinea pig happy and healthy.

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Can My Pet Eat This?

I am not known for my cooking, which is fine with me since I don’t really enjoy it.

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What Exactly Is a Veterinary Dental Cleaning?

So, you’ve noticed your pet’s breath is a little “funky” lately, or perhaps they are dropping kibble or only chewing on one side. After taking your pet to see their veterinarian, it has been recommended to have a dental cleaning – what does this mean? How do they do it?

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Dental Disease in Pets

Did you brush your teeth today? Brushing our teeth is a part of our daily routine that never gets forgotten. Is this the same for your pet? Do you brush your pet’s teeth every day? If you said yes, keep up the good work!  Daily cleaning is great care for your pet! If you said no, […]

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The Life of My Dog Dingo

A surprising number have clients have worried if the tests and procedures we are recommending are needed or if they are just a money grab. This a fear you do not need to have.

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