Adopt a Pet From a Local Shelter/Rescue

Are you looking to add a new furry addition to your family? If so, check out these local shelters/rescues that should be your first choice! Adopt, don’t shop! 


A.R.F Ontario – Based in London, Ontario, is a rescue that works with local First Nations areas and helps to find stray animals a loving home. It is run 100% on donations and volunteers, and their goal is “to reduce the overall number of strays needing to be rescued.” 


Helping Paws Rescue– Based right here in Aylmer, Helping Paws is a rescue we work closely with. They take in stray or surrendered animals and help to find them a perfect home. They also run solely on donations and volunteers, so if you want to make a donation or have any questions feel free to call the clinic, and we can help. 


London Humane Society – Located in London, providing temporary shelter and finding a good home for surrendered, stray, or neglected animals. Their goal is “to lead London and Middlesex in building a humane and compassionate community for all animals.”  


Written by Claire, ACA


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