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Vaccinations are one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your pet. Unvaccinated cats are at risk as we still see many of the diseases for which we vaccinate, most of which are life-threatening. We feel prevention is easier than treatment! We tailor our...

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X-ray and Ultrasound

Our in-house radiology service allows us to get answers for your cat's possible condition faster, often the same day. Digital x-ray equipment allows us to share the radiographs for easy viewing by you or another doctor, including a specialist if that is required. We are also able to enlarge and...


Overweight Cat Help

One of the most common medical issues we see in cats is obesity. Many people don't recognize it as a medical problem as it has been so common to see an overweight cat. Just like in people, carrying too much weight can predispose you to many other health issues like...

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Regular deworming is an important part of your cat's preventative health care program, especially if they go outside and hunt or if you have children in your family.