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Cat Dental Care

Dental disease is probably the most common and undertreated disease we see at our hospital. Dental pain can be underestimated since the disease usually progresses slowly, without your cat showing you that he/she is uncomfortable. Regular dental cleanings and home care (like a special dental diet) can help keep your...

Cat Neutering and Spaying

One aspect of responsible pet ownership is having your cat spayed or neutered. Not only are you helping to control pet overpopulation, spaying and neutering can help completely eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of a cat developing certain health and behaviour issues.


Kitten Vaccinations

Most kittens receive their first vaccine at around eight weeks of age. However, if your kitten is already away from its mother or is a stray, then we can start vaccinations as early as six weeks.

cat services

Blood Tests for Cats

Testing your cat's blood can provide us with so much information when your cat is sick. We can assess the health of the major organs, like the kidneys and liver for example, and also check for some types of cancer. There are blood tests to check for more and more...