Name That Pet!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had no doubt what her name would be. But when it came to naming our first puppy, I was at a loss. Working in the veterinary field for as many years as I had, I had heard of so many cute and funny names. I tried to recall as many as I could, but none of them suited her, nor were they as unique as her!

Our American Bulldog puppy had such distinct personality at such a young age! We needed to find the perfect name. She had eight littermates, and they were all full of energy. As puppies tend to do, they would frolic and jump and get all wound up and start to get a little rough. Our sweet little puppy would sit back and watch, and when she felt they were getting out of control, she would get in the middle, let her presence be known and they would settle down. Her sweet soul was very evident from the beginning.

My daughter at the time was five years old and full of ideas for how to name our new furry family member. They were all very cute, but to us, we were looking for an original name. So, as most people do in this day and age, we turned to the trusty Google search. Best canine pet names, unique pet names, best American Bulldog names; but we still came up empty-handed. The breeder had named her Angel, due to the markings on her shoulder blades that looked like wings. So we went back to Google and searched for names meaning Angel. One search led to another and finally, we found the perfect name – Bliss, meaning ideal joy. Not only had I never come across this name before, but it suited her perfectly.

Next came the kitten! This time, we researched her birth month and came up with Lilly Valley, for Lily of the Valley, May’s birth flower.

Naming your pet is such an important decision, and there are many factors to consider. I feel it should involve the entire family and lots of brainstorming. Here are a few things to consider when picking the perfect name:

  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Colour/markings
  • Personality traits, attitude
  • Can the name be shortened/nicknamed?
  • Is the name simple and easy for everyone to pronounce, especially when training?
  • Is it different or innovative?
  • Do you prefer a “human” name or a traditional pet name?

Remember, your new family member will be with you for many happy years, so choose a name that in years to come; you will love it just as much as you do today! Happy naming!

Written by Heather Houghton