Christmas Shopping for Your Pets

Who doesn’t love Christmas shopping?! Personally, it’s my favourite time of year. Especially when I get to shop for my fur babies.

There are so many options and idea’s, and it can be overwhelming for some. Here at Aylmer Veterinary Clinic, you can do your pet shopping online, from the comfort of your own home, in your jammies, in bed, alongside your pets! Visit the website and click on ‘Online Store,’ and you’re off to shopping heaven.

These days our pets are more a part of the family than ever before. They sleep in our beds, they have ‘their spot’ on the couch, they are more involved in our daily lives, and they come on vacation. More often than not, most of us buy them birthday presents and Christmas presents.

New sweaters or jackets, booties, leashes, collars, stuffies, balls, Kongs, rope tugs, bowls, beds, blankets… The list is never-ending. So how do you figure out what to buy your pet for Christmas?

There is always the option to take them to the pet store and let them pick out their own presents. My dog would stuff as many as she could in her mouth all at once for me to buy. I find smaller stuffies are her favourite. She can shake them, throw them up in the air for herself, and run all over the house with them, this is how she spends most of her time, so why wouldn’t I stock up on them as they’re her favourite? If she doesn’t play with something, I won’t repurchase it. Paying attention to what they like will help you to shop for your pet properly. My cat loves the laser light and feather on a string, so I’ll load up on those items – and catnip, you can never go wrong with catnip.

Some pet presents are more for us than them; this is a known fact. Quinn – my French bulldog- doesn’t care that her collar matches her leash, I do. Or that her bed is red and black checkerboard but I like the look of it. You can even buy an attachment for your smartphone that will hold a ball, so you get a picture of your pet looking right at the phone – handy for a selfie with your dog. Now, who is that gift really for? Us, as pet parents of course.

Whether shopping online or in the stores, have fun buying for your fur baby. They are here to be spoiled, especially at Christmas.

Written By: Amanda Chamberlain, Practice Manager