Camping with Your Dog This Summer

One of the best summer activities to do with your four-legged friend, in my opinion at least, is to go camping! Thankfully for us in Ontario all provincial parks are pet-friendly. However, some are much better than others. If you are thinking of bringing your dog along on your trip this summer keep these campsites in mind!

Bon Echo Park
Located in Cloyne Ontario, about an hour and a half drive north of Peterborough. Bon Echo Provincial Park has many options for a fun trip with your dog. There is an off-leash beach dedicated just for dogs that has a big enough sandy area where the whole family is welcome to come in and enjoy. There is also a big grassy area for some play time, and don’t forget about some swimming in the lake! Bon Echo also provides an off-leash exercise area closer to the campgrounds and 1.4 kilometres off-leash trail for those who love to hike.

Mikisew Provincial Park
In South River Ontario just south of North Bay you can find Mikisew Provincial Park. It offers plenty of activities for both yourself and your pet! Mikisew has a variety of hiking trails, but a leash is required in these areas. However, if you want to let your dog run free check out the dog beach with shallow water to splash around. They can try their skill in the exercise area complete with an agility course!

Kettle Lakes Provincial Park
Kettle Lakes in Connaught Ontario, just east of Timmins, is one of the most interesting of all our parks on the list. Within the park, there are twenty-two kettle lakes that were formed by glaciers with one being dedicated specifically for dogs! Green Lake (the dog lake) features a pet exercise area and a sandy dog beach where they can swim. Along with the beautiful lakes, the park also has nine kilometres of hiking trails that both yourself and your pet can enjoy as long as they stay on leash.

Killbear Provincial Park
An hour and a half north of Orillia in Nobel Ontario along the Canadian Shield you will find Killbear Provincial Park. They have a total of twelve kilometres of hiking trails which are a mix of both on and off leash for dogs. They also have two pet exercise areas and two dog beaches!

Written by: Claire, Animal Care Attendant