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Our in-house radiology service allows us to get answers for your dog’s possible condition faster, often the same day. Digital x-ray equipment allows us to share the radiographs for easy viewing by you or another doctor, including a specialist if that is required. We are also able to enlarge and adjust the image, so we can gather even more valuable information.

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How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

Radiographs are a very useful diagnostic tool to view bones and soft tissue structures. We can diagnose many medical conditions with the aid of radiographs. We are also equipped to provide dental radiographs which can provide invaluable information about your dog’s oral health.

How should I prepare my dog for their x-ray appointment?

If you know ahead of time that your dog is having radiographs, it is most ideal that they arrive fasted (nothing to eat). Sometimes an empty stomach or less fecal material in the abdomen helps us view this area better. Not all dogs are able to sit still in the position we ask them too (they can be so wiggly!). In these instances, sometimes sedation is needed for an accurate radiograph. If they have fasted, we can administer sedation as necessary.

How much does a dog x-ray exam cost?

There is a great deal of variation in the number and angles of x-rays that are advised for different areas of the body. After a full examination and evaluation by the veterinarian, we can let you know how many views are required and what the cost would be.

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