Is it Safe to Dress My Pet Up For Halloween?

Ahhh… autumn is officially here.  Whether you prefer to call it autumn or fall, either way it’s undeniably my favourite time of year.  Jeans & hoodies, fall colours, the smell and sound of crunching leaves, beef stew, roast beef dinners, pumpkin spice everything!

With this list of “all things fall”, still one question remains….should I dress my pet up for Halloween or what should I dress my pet up as for Halloween?

Here are some hints to keep them safe & happy this Halloween:

  1. Comfort

Some of the greatest looking costumes I can remember as a child came from huge refrigerator boxes, but they were certainly not practical and terribly uncomfortable.  If your pet is used to wearing a coat/sweater -try using that as the foundation for a costume – bonus: it will still be comfy (and warm too)!

  1. Avoid Choking or Potential Ingested Foreign Body Hazards

Costumes that include strings, hats & scarves can be dangerous – make sure all embellishments are firmly attached and don’t leave your pet dressed unsupervised.

  1. No Candy, please

Stick to their regular treats – candy & chocolate are not good for them (even in moderation).

  1. Light it up!

Be sure to add a glow stick or flashing safety light to you & your pet if you’re out in the dark.

  1. Use your Judgment:

Most importantly, if you decide to dress up your pet, make sure it is for the right reasons.  If they are typically an easy-going personality and seem to enjoy the fuss & attention – bring on the fun!  If however, their body language tells you they are stressed and not enjoying it – best to let them stay “dressed” as “the cutest dog/cat in all of Aylmer” and leave it at that.

Check out this link for cute Halloween costume ideas:

If you’re out & about on October 31st – pop in and see us – our cookie jar is always full!

Written by Angela Noble, RVT & Practice Manager