Be Kind to Animals Week – May 7-13

For over 100 hundred years, people have come together to commemorate “Be Kind to Animals Week”. During World War I, the death of millions of horses used in fighting prompted the need for education on the subject of animal welfare. And so began a national campaign held yearly in May to protect and better the lives of animals.

Celebrities, parents, teachers, and children have worked to build a better world for animals. Over the years, Eleanor Roosevelt, Shirley Temple, John Wayne, Betty White, and even Porky Pig have volunteered as spokespeople and helped spread the word on being kind to, and show compassion for animals.

Ways you can be kind to help commemorate “Be Kind to Animals Week”

Help a Shelter

Many pets are abandoned and end up in shelters or rescue centers. Consider adopting a pet from a shelter or pet rescue center. If permanently adding another pet to your household is not an option, consider fostering a pet who is waiting for adoption. Support your local shelter by providing a donation or volunteer a few hours of your time. Shelters need more than just dog walkers – your professional skills or creativity may well be something that your local shelter would really appreciate, and in the end will help the pets in the shelter be rehomed.


It’s not just pets who need our kindness. By eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers on your grass and in your garden, you are protecting wildlife in your yard, and reducing run-off of these toxins to local waterways. Consider planting a garden that attracts birds, bees, and butterflies. Choose plants that are local to your area to avoid introducing invasive or exotic species of plants. Learn how to co-exist with wildlife that may enter your yard. Take some time to learn about conservation efforts to protect the earth’s animals, and find a way to help by volunteering your time or by contributing to a wildlife charity.

Your Pet

Show your pet your love by going on a long walk, extending your playtime, and taking your pet to the vet! If your pet hasn’t been seen by your veterinarian in a while, this week is a good time to make an appointment for a yearly check-up. Getting your pet checked regularly increases the chance of detecting disease in its early stages, and providing preventive care, such as vaccinations, flea and tick medication, and dewormers, eliminates a lot of unwanted illness and disease.

Report Neglect

If you see something that just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Report what you see by contacting your local Humane Society. All pets need shelter, grooming, and proper nutrition. If you see someone neglecting or abusing their pet – report it – the pet deserves to be loved and cared for.

Continue the tradition, and keep the celebration of Be Kind to Animals Week going for another 100 years!