The Importance of Animal Safety in the Veterinary Clinic

Pet health and safety is the number one priority for any veterinarian clinic team.

You may notice when you arrive at your veterinarian clinic a sign on the door stating;

“For the safety of every pet, please have all cats in carriers and dogs on leash.”

You are familiar with your own pet and their behaviour, whether your dog does or does not like cats if your cat will hide in a new environment or venture to wander a new area.

But you don’t know the behaviour of other peoples’ pets. Some dogs do not like cats at all and will try to attack them. Some cats will get spooked in a strange environment and run, possibly even out the front door. I have actually seen this happen first hand.

It is why, like here at the Aylmer Veterinary Clinic, clinics appreciate it when you bring your pets in on a leash or in carriers. It’s all for their safety.

If you do not own a carrier or leash, the majority of clinics will provide you with one to borrow during your visit. You can always ask the reception team at the front desk for a carrier or leash; they will always be happy to assist you.

You don’t want any accidents to happen, or a dog/cat is running loose through the clinic any more than we do.

Written by: Amanda, Practice Manager