You Should Be Following These Dogs on Instagram

As a person who spends most of her off time on Instagram, I find myself following so many dog accounts. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at adorable dogs! Instead of hoarding all these accounts for myself I want to share my five favourites:

Luka is a Swedish Vallhund who loves her bandanas and her frisbee. From her photos, you can see her playing outside with her loving family all the time. If her corgi like cuteness wasn’t enough for you, Luka has a smile that could win over anybody.

2. Khaleesi.django.dalmatian
Django is a five-year-old black dalmatian and Khaleesi is a two-year-old lemon dalmatian (yellowish coloured spots). The two love to cuddle up for pictures and sure do know how to pose! Out of all of the Dalmatian accounts I follow, which is a lot, I recommend them for sure!

3. @Foxy_grace_
Grace is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is always poking her nose at the camera and showing off her big brown eyes. One look and she will have you eating out of her paw!

4. @Jackthekeeshond
As the name suggests, Jack is a big fluffy Keeshond. He loves his walks, giving high-fives, and making silly faces. If you enjoy big weird balls of fluff, I would highly suggest following Jack because that is exactly what he is.

5. @Goldilocksandthewolf
This account follows the adventures of Wolfdogs Kyros and Dovah. These dogs aren’t pure wolf they are mostly part Husky, but they do have wolf in there somewhere. They were rescued as puppies and now spend their life playing outdoors and in rivers. This account is my number one favourite not only because the dogs are super adorable but also the scenery is fantastic. It’s all mountains and forests and its pure Instagram heaven.

Written By: Claire Smullen, Animal Care Attendant