Critical Care for Critters

Small animals can become unwell for an array of reasons or circumstances that range from stress to not eating or drinking due to mouth issues, gut issues, etc. In times when small animals face difficulty eating or drinking, many pet owners panic and don’t know the next steps they should take to help their little ones.

To help you be more prepared, we’ve included a few steps below:

    1. Contact a veterinarian that is familiar with your critter. E.g. guinea pig, rat, lizard, etc.
    2. With approval from your veterinarian, they may suggest a visit for treatments/medications to help your animal in its time of need.
    3. If advised by the doctor, you can also begin the “critical care” diet, which will usually involve syringe feeding for however many days suggested until they are interested in food/water again.

Overall the best steps towards a healthy critter are consistent wellness exams by your local veterinarian. Keeping on top of exams for your little one can avoid stressful situations down the road.

Just like dogs and cats, our little friends are just as important to us, and the best care needs to be provided to keep them healthy and safe.

If you have any questions about your pet, please give us a call at 519.773.3911