Registered Veterinary Technician

My family and I adopted my first dog, Becky the Beagle when I was 7 years old. I fell in love with her. I wanted nothing but to make her happy and make sure she had the best life ever. We were best friends and I knew all I wanted to do in life was taking care of more puppies just like her. Once I started high school I became very serious about working in the veterinary field. After high school, I attended St. Clair College for the veterinary technician program and graduated in April 2019!

I started at Aylmer Veterinary Clinic in summer 2019. My favourite part about my job is providing comfort and care to all animals. The part of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is dental procedures and anesthesia. My favourite thing about the clinic is working among amazing and helpful co-workers.


Fun Facts About Catnip

Cats are amazing creatures like no other;

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