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The Importance of Puppy Socialization

Spring and summer is an exceptionally exciting time here at the clinic, mainly because we have the pleasure of meeting all the new puppies being welcomed into new families! It never fails to make me smile to see everyone so excited to show off their newest family member.


Feline Enrichment

Some days I wish I could trade spots with my cats, they laze the day away; cats seem to have it so easy. I’d love to lie in the sun all day, with not a care in the world.

Aylmer March

Essential Oils: Safe Use Around Pets

Have you recently noticed there have been several articles and Facebook posts popping up about essential oil toxicity in pets, so naturally, we have had many people asking us “Are essential oils safe to use if I have animals?”

Aylmer 3

When Dogs Fight

Having dogs can be a rewarding a fulfilling experience, and can bring joy and lots of laughs into our lives. But when our beloved 4 legged friends get into a disagreement, it can leave all parties involved confused and potentially injured in the aftermath.