Is it Safe to Dress My Pet Up For Halloween?

Ahhh… autumn is officially here.  Whether you prefer to call it autumn or fall, either way it’s undeniably my favourite time of year.  Jeans & hoodies, fall colours, the smell and sound of crunching leaves, beef stew, roast beef dinners, pumpkin spice everything!

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How to Train Your Cat to a Carrier

We recently had an owner lose their beloved cat in our parking lot (it was not in a carrier & jumped out of their arms).  This is of course very upsetting which has prompted us to encourage that all cat owner’s purchase an appropriate carrier (or come & see us as we have plenty that […]

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Be Kind to Animals Week – May 7-13

For over 100 hundred years, people have come together to commemorate “Be Kind to Animals Week”. During World War I, the death of millions of horses used in fighting prompted the need for education on the subject of animal welfare. And so began a national campaign held yearly in May to protect and better the […]

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