Winter Activities for You & Your Pet

Winter is coming, according to one of my favourite TV shows and the recent colder temperatures. The colder weather brings lots of challenges to many of us, lack of motivation, less exercise, inevitable weight gain, and boredom. All of these things can also affect our dogs.

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Should I Take My Pet to See a Specialist?

In recent weeks, our family’s beloved wandering kitty fell upon some bad luck. It was likely just that – a fall, a misstep or something traumatic in nature that caused her to luxate (dislocate) the talus bone in her right ankle. Originally, we thought she had likely fractured her pelvis as she was limping and […]

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How To Protect Your Pet From Wildlife Exposure

One of the reasons I became a veterinarian is because I love animals. All animals. Imagine my disappointment when our cute little puppy, Jersey, grew up and decided to stalk the wildlife that has decided to enter our country yard. Thankfully, we have installed the Invisible Fence system at our home and she can spend […]

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When Does Flea Season End?

As a receptionist, I take a lot of phone calls from booking routine appointments to answering questions about parasites and medications. I think the question I hear most often is: “When will the flea season end?” The bad news is, we don’t have a flea season at Elgin County anymore; those pesky parasites are here […]

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Is it Safe to Dress My Pet Up For Halloween?

Ahhh… autumn is officially here.  Whether you prefer to call it autumn or fall, either way it’s undeniably my favourite time of year.  Jeans & hoodies, fall colours, the smell and sound of crunching leaves, beef stew, roast beef dinners, pumpkin spice everything!

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